Tailor Welded blanks

World Class Automation

Starting out as one of our first clients, we have automated and integrated from the shop floor to financial statements and everything in between with custom applications that reduce the amount of work each job function needs to perform by consolidating and simplifying data entry and eliminating data entry errors.

This has allowed for substantial revenue growth with a small growth rate in personnel and greatly improved the accuracy of financial transactions and minimizes adjusting entries each period.

Itensil BPM

As the Virtual Vice President of Product Development, we assembled a team of contractors and worked closely with the Responsys to embed / OEM the Itensil Business Process Management system into their product as the centerpiece of collaboration with customers and partners. Reponsys was later acquired by Oracle Corporation.

New momentum

As the Virtual CTO and head of development, we developed a large scale data extraction capability along with an analytical database and end user portal for consumer electronic manufacturers. Features included brand protection, product pricing from large electronic distributors.


ETL Case Study

Stolle Machinery

When AIP decided to purchase Stolle from Alcoa and merge it with other related companies, we were hired to perform IT Due Diligence to merge disparate information systems, disconnect from Alcoa’s central ERP system, and evaluate the personnel and infrastructure investments required.  This included a new ERP System selection process to determine associated costs to include in the transition budget.

Thomas Publishing

Managing Automation magazine needed an ERP expert to perform validation that software vendors were truthfully answering their 7000 question functionality survey we were contracted to perform those validations and update the survey answers accurately. Additionally, we were charged with writing a summary report identifying the strengths and weaknesses of each solution.